Local contacts for local people!

What are we?

Locally Posted is Malton, Norton and Pickering’s local monthly trade directory, we are an independent publishing company whose aim is to promote your business to its maximum potential to all the local people and businesses in the area.

Where do we deliver to?

Locally Posted is delivered to over 18,156 homes and businesses by post code area YO17 sectors 6, 7, 8 and 9 (Malton & Norton) and YO18 sectors 7 & 8 Pickering.

Who delivers them?

Royal Mail, who guarantee to deliver to every home and business, including farms and remote addresses.

What does it cost?

Advert SizesSize (in mm - depth first)Price(£) per insertion (min booking 3 months)Price(£) per insertion (when booking 6 months)
Quarter portrait87x62£61.00£55.00
Quarter landscape42x126£61.00£55.00
Half page87x126£110.00£95.00
Full page188x126£210.00£180.00
Front page130x126£250.00n/a
Double page188x275£400POA

Colour available on request

All prices subject to VAT at current rate.
Substantial savings are made by booking your advertisements for 6 months, copy can be changed each month.

Technical Data

We are able to accept most Macintosh formats, with original pictures, logos, photos and editable text/fonts included. Pre-set adverts are preferred in any Adobe format including PDF.

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